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Cooperation with Moleda company

Students from the multimedia department exhibited their works in the Vladimír Hroch Gallery in the Klub Kultury (Cultural events club) in Uherské Hradiště. The works were created in a collaboration with the company Moleda focusing on the promotion of the footwear.

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Use of non-traditional materials

In the new Barum Fashion project, students from the departments of footwear design and fashion design worked with the material that is used in the production of tires. It is a textile cord, a purely technical material, which has significant physical and also remarkable visual properties. This particular material became a great inspiration and challenge for young artists who must be able to deal with any material. Modernistic items of clothing created in the school studios were not ordinary wearable clothes as they were made to show off the beauty of the material, which the ordinary user might not be able to see in tires. The works of our students were exhibited in the entrance hall of the Barum factory.



A visual rendition of the iconic sneakers

A long- term cooperation of the Baťa company with the Secondary school of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště peaked at the prize-giving ceremony as a part of the Baťa Bullets event. In the Baťa store in Prague's Wenceslas Square, students from the departments of graphic design, applied photography and multimedia participated in the event. Overall, 24 works were exhibited and five selected authors were awarded. 

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Sponsorship gift to the school

Petr Němec, the CEO of the Silesian quarries sponsored the department of sculpture in an unusual way when he gifted the department Silesian marble, which is a unique type of marble mined only in the Supíkovice quarry. Stone sculpting students will use the donated material for their final graduation works as well as for other things. This generous gift has started the cooperation between the sculpture department of the school and the Silesian quarries. On behalf of the school management and the department of stone sculpture, we would like to express our deep appreciation.

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Cooperation with the Zlín region

The graphic design students collaborated under the supervision of the academic painter Kamil Mikel, the head of the department, on the Open Gate project, which was announced by the Zlín region. They created a memory game cards called The Church and what's in it, which the Zlín Region will use as part of its promotion.


Support of the development of activities for youth and their education

The town of Uherské Hradiště has supported the students of the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště as a part of their subsidy programs that are announced several times a year. In 2022 the funds were used to purchase high quality materials and prints for the execution of pieces of art of the students who participated in the competitions You have a gift for the arts and in the painting competition Oskar 2022. The school management together with the students are grateful for this generous support.

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